Heated/Cold Vacuum Presses
The Ideal solution for Forming, Laminating or Veneering - stock models to custom.

Complete Pump Systems
Ready-to-run Vacuum Pump Systems
right out of the box - for the advanced
hobbyist or seasoned pro.

A full range of Vacuum Pumps in
sizes for any vacuum application.

Vacuum Bags
The finest in Vinyl & Polyurethane vacuum
bags for years of rugged performance.

Parts & Accessories
Right part for the right job + special items
to improve your work flow.

Adhesives & Softeners
Pro-Glue is our line of exceptional,
professional quality wood adhesives
and veneer softeners.

Vac-U-Clamp is not only the leader in Vacuum Forming Technology, but also Vacuum Laminating Technology. Our full line of vacuum presses ranges from the "S/P" Series Vacuum Presses, our smallest vacuum press product group; to the mid-sized Cold Vacuum Press category, ideal for woodworking, wood forming and wood veneering, which includes our "F" Series flip top vacuum presses; and finally, our top of the line Heated/Cold Vacuum Presses and Thermofoil presses and machines. The Thermofoil vacuum presses offer an extremely efficient level of production, only achievable with Thermoforming Presses, using materials designed for high temperature thermoforming and laminating. In addition we offer our line of professional wood laminating adhesives and veneering adhesives, plus a veneer softener for conditioning veneer before assembly. We also offer a full line of in-stock and custom Vinyl and Polyurethane vacuum bags for woodworking, wood forming and veneering. Vac-U-Clamp is your single source for all vacuum forming and vacuum laminating products.

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Excludes the large stand-alone vacuum presses such as: FT, F/P, FP/C, F Series, S/P Series, ThermoFoil, Heated/Cold and Custom Vacuum Presses - but ask about special freight allowances on these large format vacuum presses!

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